Cartridge and Phono advice for Classic 3

Im purchasing a VPI Classic 3 and have been trying to find the best MC cartridge and phono that i can get for it in my price range. The system I have is all tube and I would like to maintain that with the phono but am open to solid state components as well.
I am considering the lyra delos cartridge as well as the Fosgate Signature V2 phono...
Any suggestions or guidance?
The budget is max $5,000...right now I see it as about $2,000 for the cartridge and $3,000 for the phono but am open to any suggestions on a different distribution.
Thanks in advance for any help!
Spend $ 1750 on the Phono Preamp then the rest on your cartridge.

Liberty Audio please search the web for reviews etc on this little gem too, theres even one here on Audiogon

And yes i do make them :-)

Good listening

What Phono section do you currently use? If you like it what is it that you like about it? I am not a real analog nut so I don't want to give you unsound advice about the cartridge. I am sure there are plenty of people with that tone arm who can help.
I dont have an analog set up at the moment. I have just started getting into the market for one since my son has shown me his set up. I do have a number of old LP's that deserve a listen but this will be my first analog setup with my current system.
I'll have to read some on the Liberty Audio...any recommended cartridge that would fit into the $3000 range for this table if I did go this direction?
I think you may be rushing into this. $5000 is a lot of money to spend on your first phono preamp and a cart.. There are big differences sonically between various analog components. What you are doing is no different than someone asking "I'm new to high end audio. Can someone recommend the best $5000 speaker". (I use the speaker example because it sounds like you know audio, just not vinyl.).

I think you need to do some listening, or possibly get a more entry level setup so you can figure out what you like and don't like, before you make a major commitment on components. There's no shortage of good equipment out there, but that doesn't mean you will like all of it. You may want to give The Cable Company a call. They should be able to send you out a bunch of stuff to try first so you don't end up making a big mistake.
That is fair. I would like to still spend the money on a solid turntable like the Classic 3 as I have auditioned numerous tables and that one is by far the best I have heard in a price range that I am willing to spend. can you recommend any more entry level equipment that may be appropriate to try out then with that table to get a better understanding of what sound is more appealing to me?
Usually Lyra and Dynavector seems like the most popular cartridges to go with VPI, followed closely by Soundsmith.
I have not heard Soundsmith but certainly you can't go wrong with LYra or Dyna depending on your listening preference.
If you want to be a bit more adventurous and have a chance to auditon, you might consider Miyajima as well. I am using Miyajima Zero mono cartridge with VPI Classic 3 and it is a sensational pair.Big meaty sound, a little woody, excellent speed, bass and slam.
However, Miyajima's compliance is a bit on the lower side, mono cartridge is 8x10-6cm/dyne which is the highest for Miyajima and I have no problem with VPI Classic 3. I am not sure of the current US retail price but some of the line should definitely be in your budget. However, Shilabe is probably fit right in your budget but has the lowest compliance at 5 and most likely would not work well. Kansui would be a better match for sure but it may be a bit beyond your range.
Try to audition it first if you have a chance!
Suteetat have you heard Lyra and Dyna cartridges on your Classic 3?
I intend to audition both types of cartridges, but was wondering what differences you found between the two brands.
If I were you, I'd consider a high output cartridge which would eliminate the added expense of the phono pre. There are many good ones that would mate well with your arm on the Classic....
Kpede683, I had Dynavector XV-1s on my old Classic 1 but not on Classic 3 and have Lyra Atlas but on a different table so the comparison is exactly fair I would guess. However, I did hear XV-1s and Atlas on my friend's Classic 3 as well. Dyna was a bit more roll off on top, very musical, bass is a bit fatter,a bit slower, nice big midrange. Lyra is more open, more detail, on a leaner side but with excellent smoothness and a touch of warmth, more detailed bass. In my system, I personally prefer Lyra but then Atlas is almost twice the price of XV-1s. I have not compare similar price Dyna and Lyra though and I have not heard Delos or Kleos but heard 10x5 and 20X many times.
I have a Lyra delos and Dyna Te Kaitora Rua. I enjoy both. The Dyna may be a little more neutral than the Delos, which has a more forward midrange, but the difference is minimal. I could easily live with either.
I did like the sound of the 20x2 dyna that i heard...hopefully my dealer will have a lyra that i am able to audition against the lyra's. Suteetat and Manitunc, what phono's do you guys use in your system?

If I were you, I'd consider a high output cartridge which would eliminate the added expense of the phono pre. There are many good ones that would mate well with your arm on the Classic....

Just how do you propose that this is possible ?????

I think he must have thought he was using an integrated amp that had a phono section built in. In the older amps there was always a phono input that could be used with MM gain cartridges. Today integrated with built in phonos can have op[tioned MM and or MC inputs.
I don't think he was thinking that an MM cart gives you line level voltages. I don't think so but maybe??
You can get a Herron VTPH-2 and a Lyra Delos. Cost is a few dollars over $5,000 but will provide excellent performance and great customer service.
I use a Manley Steelhead, which is a great phono preamp. Previously I used a SimAudio LP5.3 with PSX5.3 power supply. Also very good, just not as flexible as the Manley.