Cartridge Alignment

After making a maple plinth for my Thorens TD 145, I've purchased a Grado low output Statement Sonata 1 mono and am anticipating that it will arrive soon. Anyhow, I'm trying to mount this onto a TP-16 MK 1 and as cheaply as possible (with good results). My record collection is mostly 1958-ish LP's so I recently purchased a mono test record of the same vintage from Discogs.
I also bought a small ceramic anti-static/anti-magnetic screw driver and a digital stylus force gauge. I have instructions that tell me that I need to have a pair of tweezers. And I printed out a paper templet (including instructions) for the TP-16 that includes Baerwald, Stevenson, Loefgren and Manufacturers specs. I've currently have that taped onto a record.
Any advice is welcome, especially where it pertains to the Thorens TD 145 (1974 vintage).
I looked at the tonearms which Mint services and no Thorens TP 16 MK1. Besides the $110.00 is out of my reach at the moment. I have considered a universal AVID which is $60.00. Nevertheless, thanks Andrew9405, I may contact Mint concerning my tonearm. Additionally, I do have a Carson lupe and a Zeiss T-Star monocular.
He probably has the data for your tonearm. You might also check
If you're really serious about a vinyl setup, then wait until you can afford the Mint.
You can get a Geodisc on Amazon for $49.95. They work great.
I second the Geodisc recommendation!
I recommend the Mint as well.

That being said, vinyl engine has some free downloadable protractors for the Thorens on their site. I'm not sure exactly were though.