cartridge alignment

When I look through the illuminated magnifying glass provided by mintlp if I do not have the magnifying glass set up correctly, it can appear as if the cantilever is aligned but it is not due to distortion from the lense of the magnifying glass not being in the correct position with respect to the cantilever. How do others make sure they they have their magnifying glass set perfectly while aligning their cartridges?
You should use an 8x-10x loupe to get best results. You can see it used in the detailed photo instructions provided by Mint--you put it at the edge of your platter facing the stylus while you line up the lines on mirror. You can rest it between two cut erasers (wedges) placed on either side of the loupe and kind of angling it down with the higher side where your eye is. That will give you a very clear and accurate view, much better than the glass they give you. I don't think the glass works well at all and don't use it. Contact Yip directly--he will take a day to respond since he is in Hong Kong, but he will try to help you out. But check the photos in the instructions. Good luck!
Get a 100x loop. Make sure you have lots of light from outside, and if you can perform the task outside. They are accurate, but you meed good eyes, and again, lots of light. Take your time, and you'll get it right. Good luck.
I agree the 10x lens is required for the final alignment so you can visualize the lines in the mirror as well as the cantilever and ensure you have it correct. I like to use the 3x lens when I am adjusting overhang as it will allow focus with enough magnification from a little greater distance than the 10x, avoiding the finger lift, when viewing the stylus from the side.