Cartridge advice--Rega style arm

I am looking for opinions on MM vs MC cartridges for my setup. I have recently purchase a michell gyro se with a michell arm (looks like a rega rb300). I have rewired the arm with an incognito rewire kit. I have used MM previously and have no experience with MC cartridges. I am looking closely at the clearaudio virtuoso(recommendation from another audiogon member), Shelter 501 or 901, cartridgeman Musicmaker III. any advice on these combinations or others would be truely appreciated
I like the Shelter 501 on my Origin Live tonearm. It is a little light for the 501, so I added the HiFi tonearm mod to it, and it sounded even better.

Haven't heard the Music Maker III, but I did try the Music Maker II, and I didn't think it sounded as good as my 501.

If you are going into a low output MC cartridge, be sure your phono stage has the gain settings and loading options to properly use these cartridges.
As Twl said, it would help to know what phono stage gain and impedance loading options you have available. Also, what kind of music and sound do you prefer? An MC cartridge interacts with all of these, as well as with the tonearm of course.
Thanks for the response. My phono preamp is being shipped so I will be able to give a little more information shortly. I am learning a lot by following some of the threads in this forum. As a lot of folks have indicated, this habit can quickly move into an obsession! Thanks for being patient with a newbie