Cartridge Advice, Opinions

I’m resurrecting my analog and need friendly advice (humor welcome also) on a cartridge purchase in the
$1-1.5K range. I prefer voice, jazz, and percussion, but listen to almost everything. Want something well balanced. I know it could be a crap shoot also. Thanks to all,
Hana SL MC
Decca Super-gold
Soundsmith Zephyr MkIII ES
EAT Jo No. 5 MC
Goldnote Donatello

Mitchel Gyrodec full Gert Peterson mod
SME V, Audiosensibilty Statement phono cable
Gold Note PH10

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Just to expand your list with a few gems you may never heard of:

1) Fidelity-Research PMC-3 with its unique Air Coil and Refined Contact Line stylus. Great low compliance LOMC, pretty rare model, search for J.Carr’s comment here on audiogon about this heritage designed by Ikeda-San. Close to FR-7f which you can’t use on your tonearm. A cart with Air Coil is what Ikeda-San called a "true moving coil". Interesting cartridge for mid mass or heavy mass tonearms. Suspension never fails.

2) Victor X-1II with genuine Shibata stylus on rare Beryllium Cantilever ( very specoal cantilever, not available anymore for any artridge manufacturers today ). Superb mid compliance MM, one of the best ever. Must be almost like new to impress the owner. Rare in perfect condition, but absolutely killer MM with loads of prize here on a’gon. Make sure the damper is fine. Highly recommended!

P.S. both cartridges works great with Gold Note PH-10 which i am using with external Gold Note PSU
Thanks chakster, your experience is beyond. Will look into your recs. 
I have been told that the  LPS does not add that much to the PH10 but I having had an external lps with my tricked out Mac mini, would have to differ with what I have been told. I’ll bet it adds plenty for those who are able to resolve. Cheers.