Cartridge advice in the $2000 range

My current set up is a Nottingham Spacedeck and heavy platter, Schroeder 2 arm, Shindo Monbrison and Auditorium 23 step up. I'm thinking about a Transfiguration Phoenix, Benz Ebony, Dynavector DVXX2 Mk2. Anyone compare or have any comments about any of these cartridges?
I have the Dyna XX2Mk2. I like it much better than the Lyra Dorian I had prior. The Dyna is more refined.
Nobody's responded yet, and I'm afraid I cannot offer too much help, because I am basically light years beneath you as far as sophistication, and high quality in an Analog Rig.

The most important catch phrase, is going to be synergy. Do not hesitate to contact Frank Shroder, he will help you, and this man is certainly no slouch.

If it was me, I'd be buying the guy a Filet Mignon Dinner, just to pick his brain, which I'm sure is an Encyclopedia Britannica full of "Analog Knowledge".

I've read quite a bit about the Shroder goodies. Doug D will tell you you havw a superb, world class arm, that is worthy of the world's finest Cartridges.
ZYX Universe, no problem! Just make sure you check with folks like Doug D, Mehran, and a few others what you need, a ZYX with, or without the extra base plate?

I'm running the ZYX Airy 3X on basically a "mediocre" front end, yet the 3X is starting to come to force very nicely. It's really cool, when you start hearing things you never heard before, on tracks that you might've played 30,000 times over the past 30 years.

At this point, there's somewhat too little user info on the new S-Series Benz Cartridges, but they maybe should be considered? I have a Benz Ruby 3, which was just starting to get dialed in, and sound nice, when I swapped it out for the Airy 3. Now it sits in its wood box with only 15 hours on it. Maybe one day it will reside on a sweet Galibier?

Sounding absolutely horrible at first, the Ruby was starting to display very "smooth" sound, and wasn't appearing to be lacking anything when it came off the Tonearm. Mids were very "right in your face awesome".

Of course different systems will showcase different components such as Cartridges.

Another Cartridge, if maybe your system is "warmish", might be the Lyra Skala?

There's lots of Dyna fans here as well. Mark
in that pricerange, a decca jubilee is the ticket....but for half that you can get a decca maroon which is close, or for under 400 bucks you can get an at150 which will play with any you've named.
The Zyx Airy 3 kicks serious butt at your price point.
i would echo the statement about the zyx cartridges particularly the airy3. I have used the airy3 and universe and think they are great cartridges. I have used van den hul frog before moving to the zyx so my mc experience is limited
Another vote for the ZYX line of cartridges.
I'm using the ZYX R-100, one of the lower model in their line and was blown away. You can't go wrong with the R-100 Fuji or the Airy 3.
Call me ignorant but...
What has you firmly convinced that you need a new cartridge??

You have an EXTRAORDINARY tonearm!! Count yourself extremely fortunate.
I'm not a Nottingham fan. Your existing cartridge is probably fine. Sell the Nottingham and use the money towards a Raven or if need be a Baby Raven. OR perhaps a better TT stand. OR perhaps better matching for your existing cart - if it is also an MC type.

What speakers are you using?
What Preamp?
What amp(s)?

If you REALLY need a new cartridge... IMHO, at much less loot, a LYRA Argo i, Dorian or a Soundsmith re-do is probably more cartridge than most systems can resolve.
My prediction is that what you are seeking lies in upgrading other parts of your system.
ortofon jubilee floats my the reviews I would have to agree with them, does everything very well.
The rest of my system is Kubala Expression wiring and Merlin Vsm Mx speakers. The stylus on my cartridge was ripped off (i.e. cleaned) by my cleaning lady.
BTW, I am thinking about a Raven One.
Another without reservation endorsement of the ZYX Airy 3. Superb.