Cartridge Advice

I just discovered the cantilever on my Dyna 20x 1.0 is bent so i will need a new cartridge. I have a VPI Scoutmaster/JMW9 arm. Can I get a trade in or should I try a MM???
Jsman, your question permits too many responsive permutations in order for me to cogently reply.

But just to confuse you more, if the stylus is intact, you may want to call Peter Ledermann at Soundsmith and ask himm if he thinks the DV is repairable, perhaps even as easy as straightening the cantilever. Or he could install a new stylus/cantilever assembly.

As far as other cartridges are concerned, I know too little about the rest of your rig or budget to offer constructive advice.
You can also contact Andy Kim at Phono Cartridge Repair and Re tipping. Best of Luck
Agree. Talk to Soundsmith and/or Andy Kim. And get a trade-on quote.

Biggest question in my mind is whether you are looking for a different sound or not. Thinking a lateral move to a cart that has different strengths and weaknesses? Or ready to take the plunge for a higher end cart?
Jsman, I used to own a DV 20X 2 (H). Traded it in for a Lyra Delos. I loved the Delos so much, I wound up traded up for the Lyra Kleos ... which I love even more.

IMO, the Delos does a lot more a lot better than the DV 20X2. I think the Delos' output is .6 mV. Not sure how that will integrate with your preamp.

Also, you should confirm that your phono pre's loading is compatible with the Delos.

Good luck.
I am gonna talk with Peter about one of his upgrades and go from there.
Second the Delos if you are ready to take the plunge for a higher end cart, best cart I've ever owned.
Third that on the Delos, great cartridge.
Bifwynne, do you mind me asking how you would describe the differences between the Delos and the Kleos as these are cart's which interest me?