Cartridge abuse

Has anyone ever had an accident of abuse to your stylus/cantilever, and amazed that the thing still works ?

I was mounting my 17d the other day, and i guess had a momentary spazz out or something, but anyway, dropped the stylus a couple of times on my vtf gauge, then ended up banging the side of the cant. on the side of the gauge, and bounced it a few times, i felt sick at the time, but everything look ok, and sounds just fine, it's a pretty tough cart. i guess. i think i mainly just wanted to vent, but also to see if anyone else has subconciously tried to detroy their expensive cartridge. thanks.
I wish! When I did it the whole cantilever was gone. Only Saving Grace was that the cartridge was a Shure so I was only out the cost of a replacement stylus instead of the whole cartridge. I'm much more careful now.
Same with me. I'm very careful around my cartridge but the one time I screw up it's major damage. In this case I lost a 6 month old Benz M2. I guess the bright side of it is the Benz trade in program allowed me to get an L2 as a replacement for a modest cost.
thats too bad, sorry to hear it, i guess that would be the only thing worse ! but live and learn, like you said you are alot more careful now.