Cartridge to match with a vintage NAD 3020 and vintage Technics SL-1900 in the $100 range.Thank you.
Ortofon 2M Red~$100

Shure M97xE~$70

Audio Technica AT95E~$50
The 2M Red is a fine cartridge. Shop around and you may find a new one for under $100
All good suggestions so far. The Nagaoka MP-110 is within $10.00 of your budget and is my preference in the price range.
You can buy the AT95E at Amazon for $38. Well worth a try with an older table.
What's wrong with the Grado Green 1?  That arm likes a stiffer cantilever.

Having owned all mentioned , the MP-110 is easily the best .
Well if this makes a difference I listen to Jazz,R&B,Soul along with Eagles,Doobies and Clapton type music.Speakers are ADS L-470 speakers.
From you music list I only listen to Jazz,  MP-110 is VERY good on jazz, IMO Otrofon red is way too bright for and Shure too laid back for Jazz.
Owned several ADS speakers in past, full Nagoka sound a good match for them .
Are any of the budget Goldring or Sumiko cartridges a good choice?Not trying to disregard the other suggestions,just trying to see all options and opinions.Thanks for all so far!
Yes, Sumiko Oyster is a pleasant all-arounder .
 Goldring 2000 series is fine, sounds a lot like Nagoka which figures as thats who makes them .Just cost more .