Cartridge 4 Denon Direct Drive DP-59L Turntable

I am looking for a recommendation for a new cartridge for the above. It has the original straight arm. I am replacing a ELAC ESG 796 from about 20+ years ago. Can you please provide some advice kind folks?
Audio Technica AT150MLX
Sumiko Blue Point EVO III
Shure M97XE
Thank you very much for the advice!
I second the shure m97xe. I use it on a couple of denon's I have given away to my kids. Great sound.
Thank you Buconero.

Some additional info folks

I am running this through a Nakamichi CA-7 preamp, PA-7 amp and into Polk SDA SRS's (original).
I believe that the DP-59L comes with two arm wands (straight and S shaped) which allows you to use it with a variety of cartridges. I also believe it comes with a set of four counterweights. The different counterweights allow you to use a lot of different mass cartridges.

I'm not very fond of the cartridges recommended so far so I'll throw a few others on the pile:
1) Dynavector DV20xL or DV20xH (xL is low output, xH - High)
2) Denon DL-160 or DL-110 (both HOMCs)
3) Dynavector 10x5 (HOMC)
4) Ortofon 2m Black, Bronze, Blue or Red (MM)
5) Denon DL-103R (LOMC)

Of the cartridges mentioned above the most inexpensive is the Denon DL-110. Its available for a little over $100. The DL-160 is rumored to be discontinued by Denon so its availability may be subject to change.

The Dynavectors DV20XL and DV20xH are the most expensive cartridges (available for $599 from Audio Cubes II) listed. They are favorites among many people who try them. They are not the best at this or that but are just very musical and there is very little to complain about.

The DL-103R is resonably priced and will work best with the S shaped arm but can be used with the straight arm. The arm on the DP-59L is a servo controlled thing that actively damps resonances. You can use a fairly wide range of cartridges on an arm like that without the problems you would encounter on non-servo controlled arms.

If you can I would visit a dealer or two and audition the cartridge before you buy it. Many people purchase and swear by a cartridge until they have the opportunity to audition others. If you can take the trouble and listen to some of the suggested cartridges.

It can save you a lot of time and some money if you take the trouble. You also will find out first hand what models appeal to you.

Thank you very much for the info! It has a straight arm.