Is a Empire LTD-450 a decent cartridge with stylus replacement?Believe stylus model is 200s at around $30.Turntable is Technics SL-D202.
Hey guys,the cartridge came with the table and just wanted to know since the stylus was worn was it worth replacing or get a new cartridge all together?
Go for a new cartridge. Shure,Grado and AudioTechnica just to
name a few that you can get for under $100. Check out the
NeedleDoctor they have many!
No it isn't, that's a OLD cartridge and wasn't much new.
Diito for a stylus.
Buy either a Grado Black or Sumiko Oyster both around 75 bucks. Or a AT 95 if you want a bright sound.
Shure's have quality control problems
With the vintage nad 3020 used as my preamp and phono amp,which would be a better option?
Makes no difference .
Totally agree with Schubert, ditch the Empire cart.

AT95e special edition black would be your best option at $49.95
If rock is your main course Kiko is right about the AT95e .
More R&B.Soul and a little Jazz,Eagles,Clapton and such mixed in.