What would be a good matching cartridge for a Technics SL-D3 TT and a Cambridge Audio 640P phono amp?price range between $50 and $100.thank you.
Any Grado !
Anything that sells for $50-$100.
Very helpful answer Audiofeil?No,I don't have a $20,000 system that I could buy after I inherited some money!but I like mine just the same!any other suggestions?
The Audio-Technica AT-95E
I've had very good luck with Ortofon. The 2M Red is within your price range. Currently using a PMount 320 on a quartz controlled Denon - very clean and neutral sound. Good luck.
Had someone mention a ortofon super om10?
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Had someone mention a ortofon super om10?<<

Did you read all the responses?
I second a Grado, not the most detailed, but never harsh, smooth, full sounding cartridge... Isn't D3 a Pmount?
a person other than someone here mentioned the ortofon,sorry i confused you Audiofeil!
I'm not the confused party John.
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a person other than someone here..........<<

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anymore suggestion from the "MATURE" men on this site?thank you.
It is a mid mass arm, so you want a mid compliance cartridge...

The AT95e fits the bill

Another alternative is the Shure M97xE - although it is high compliance, it compensates with a damping brush on the front that works very well to damp the resonance created by the compliance mismatch.

Also the Ortofon Omega - reports of peoples success with standard technics arms appears to imply that it has a lower compliance than the standard OM's (although the body is the same, the stylus is different)

I wouldn't go for a Grado - too high compliance, and likely to be less than totally stable in that arm... won't get the best out of either arm or cartridge.

Other alternatives might be a Nagaoka MP10/11/110

Good luck with that

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