cartidge recommendations needed

Hi all, I am looking for a good match for a Clearaudio TQ-1 tonearm. I am currently set up for MM cartidges and would rather not change yet. Price range about a kilobuck. The turntable is my own design ; well, barrowed design from some of the best anyway. No springs but well dampend and built into a 1925 RCA Victrola cabinet. Anyone using a TQ-1 tonearm with a MM cartidge please respond with your advice and practical setup experience. I have also wondered if the Cardas cartidge may be an alternative. Thanks,Dredster
I don't know the effective mass of the TQ-1, but it is a very short arm, so it is probably quite low mass. The bearing system is somewhat slack for the linear tracking movement. I would recommend a high compliance type cartridge to mate with it. As far as the weight goes, you will have to get the effective mass figure to determine the resonance requirement.
TWL makes a good point about choosing a high compliance cartridge. Keep in mind that a high output MC will match your phono pre equally as well as a MM. Including MC's in your search might open up some additional options.

or perhaps the Grado moving iron (variable reluctance) high output woodbody models?
Thank You all, The effective mass of the tonearm is 3 grams and I will stick to MM type cartridges for now. Any specific recomendations ? thanks,
Clearaudio makes some excellent MM cartridges. I use the Aurum Beta S which lists for $450. I believe there is one MM cartridge above this for about $750. The Beta S is an excellent cartridge and may fit the bill and save you a few bucks. I was using a Grado Platinum, but the Beta S is a marked improvement.