Cartidge for VPI Scout JMW9 & AR PH3SE...

I was hoping to get some advice on a cartridge selection for my VPI Scout/JMW 9 combo. I currently use a low output MC, the Transfiguration spirit(.4mv output). Other components in the system include Audio physic virgos, CAV 50 tube integrated (although a music reference RM200 amp and AR LS2B mk2 preamp are coming this weekend!), digital is EAD t-1000 and DSP 7000mk2. ic's are discovery essence, nordost spm and pro sil 2. speaker cables are harmonic tech pro9. The system sounds great, amazingly precise soundstage, open, plenty of detail without being offensive. i feel like the cartridge may not match the low gain of the phono stage (which is 54db). On Twl's suggestion, i did some VTF and VTA changes, as well as changing impedance on the phono stage from 47k ohms to 100 ohms. big improvement and i love the sound. HOWEVER... i wonder if i got all i can get! any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
You might call Leonard at ARC, I believe you can change the gain setting on the PH3SE, this involves some resistor changes.
A-V L is correct. You can pull at least 62db's from that unit. Many cartridges mate well with the Scout, a recommendation would depend on your budget and sonic preferences.
AVL, I spoke with Leonard, he wasn't terribly helpful or specific about resolving my issue. He actually recommended not to mess with the gain at all. Tfta, any cartridge suggestions in the $1000-$1500.00 range (that you sell)? Im looking for a bit more heft in the sound (not enough bass). I did have the rich full sound (with deeper tight bass) with my previous MMF5 table but not near the detail or precision. I'm open to suggestions. TFTA, on another note, I tried buying a used table from your store, I think it was an old delphi oracle. I called 4 times, left messages and noone ever called back. You might want to look into that as I was really interested. Zero follow up. I sell plastics in the auto industry here in detroit. I would be broke if I didn't call someone back once! Just food for thought. Thanks for the replies guys. I do appreciate it
I sincerly apologize for my error. It was not your store that did not return my phone calls, it was HIFI Farm. After looking through my old email, I discovered that TFTA was very prompt in returning email messages regarding my inquiries regarding the VPI scout table. Again, my apologies for the mistake.
Hi Brian-
I was very surprised when I read what you initially wrote about TFTA.
Mario amd his staff have always been very prompt in responding by e-mail or phone to me and everyone else I know who contacts them.
Im glad you cleared this up.
I have found Mario to be the best high-end dealer out there and I have experience with many.