CartageRrecommendations, totally lost.

I am looking for some cartage recommendations. Unfortinally whatever dealer I ask seems to know little about vinyl and recommends what he can get some recommend some that are 1200 others recommend some that are 6k so I think the knowledge base is better here. I am looking for kind of the sweet spot price wise towards the higher end I listen to vocals, classical and jazz mostly but anything could wind up spinning one night depending on who is over and how much I have had to drink. My system is a Basis Debut, Vector4, to Aesthetix IO phono stage to Aesthetix preamp and Vandersteen 7 speakers. Since I have only herd a few cartages in totally different systems I am a bit lost.
A few years ago, after owning and enjoying cartridges by Benz, Koetsu, van den Hul and Shelter, I was encouraged to try a Lyra Argo i by an audio friend. Ever since then I have become a fan of their designs and now have both an Argo and a Helikon. Their line-contact styli track better than anything I have experienced before and bring forth detail that I never heard with other brands. Lyra is my recommendation in the MC line up, given your nice system. When my Helikon and Argo are finally "toast" I plan to replace with Kleos and Delos carts. I'm sure there are other excellent cartridge brands, but I can only speak from personal experience.
As an owner of Vandy 7s, you should get a cartridge that is worthy of that speaker. I've gone through my own cartridge tsouris and am hesitant to make a recommendation. The problem with cartridges is that there are so many out there, it's hard to make an intelligent choice. So your confusion is totally understandable. I've gone through 4 cartys before seettling on what I have now.

But here's what I will recommend. John Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona NJ is a dealer for Vandersteen. Audio Research too. That says something. His member feedback is impeccable. I suggest calling John and asking his advice. Good luck.
One voice in me says Lyra, another says Air Tight. I would try both.
I have setup multiple cartridges on that arm. It can handle nearly anything you throw at it. Being unsure of your sound preferences prevents me from making an informed recommendation on a cartridge. Even with a recommendation, I'd still suggest getting a listen to the cartridge if possible. Perhaps a conversation is in order.

I know John well that is where I got my Sevens and most of my equipnment he was over my house last week mater a fact. He is an expert at matching systems. As I stated though one dealer is one dealer opionion. and has a great ear. He does't have thousounds upon thousands of dollars in chartages laying around to AB so this board is more valuable for that type of information.
Actually I just installed a Benz LP-S in my system that I just got from John at Audioconnection. I'm using Vandersteen 5A's which sound like a kissing cousin to the 7's. I can't recommend the LP=S highly enough. It is dead quiet in the groove, very open - never gets in the way of the music. It throws an enormous sound stage, and is extremely fast. Percussion...bongos, tambourine, etc. are so real you could swear the musician is right over there. Violins have the appropriate wood sound, but are never strident (I'm a professional violinist). I can't recommend it highly enough. Harry Weisfield from VPI uses the LP-S in his personal system. If you talk to John tell him Stan from Arizona says hello