Cart Upgrade Suggestions For Pro-Ject Carbon

This table came with an Orofon Red. I'm loving vinyl again and want to get the most out of my table. What catrs would you guys suggest that would be the biggest improvment over the Red but not be too good for the TT? So,, the best cart suggestions for this table. Someone has suggested a Sumiko Pearl. All responses are appreciated.
2M Blue is a very noce sounding cart for the money. If the like the Red, you should love the Blue.
Some of the entry level Grados are never a bad choice.
Thanks T, what do you know about he Sumiko Pearl?
The Sumiko Pearl is an amazing cartridge that doesn't garner the respect that it should...most likely because it's so inexpensive. I replaced a bright sounding AT with a Pearl earlier this year (Akito arm on a Linn Basik) and I love it. It tracks perfectly, has a really warm full range tone with sweet well balanced highs and very full mids and bass. Just a killer MM cartridge. I A/B compared (after adjusting level) an original Steely Dan "Aja" LP with a good digital version (both "lossless" and CD through the same I guess it was A/B/C) and the LP sounded amazingly similar to the digital in all the right ways.
Wolf, thanks for the input. Looking forward to getting it.
Ortofon MC-3 turbo
Get your table on a wall rack also if possible.
Weird but true: The instructions for setup of my vintage Linn Basik say something like "place it on a light but stable table". Of course I tried at first to put the thing on top of my gear rack...NO NO NO...wobbled all over the place if anybody over 23 lbs came within 13 feet of it. Then I stick it on a flat lightweight table next to the rack and it works perfectly. Just proving once again that I'm an idiot.