Cart, table, arm, stage integration on a budget...

I'm currently using a Pro-Ject 2.9 Wood Classic table with the Pro-Ject 9 arm and an inexpensive Ortofon Super OM10 cart, and that runs through the phono stage on a Musical Fidelity X-150. Honestly, it sounds pretty darn good! But, I'd like to pull a little more out of all that yummy vinyl.

At the top end of my budget would probably be a Rega P5 or the new Pro-Ject 2 Xperience with the carbon fiber arm with either a Rega cart, or Sumiko Blue Point Special. A CLearaudio Emotion/Satisfy, and a Music Hall MMF-7 are in there as well. If a Rega P3 would add a marked improvement, I'd be happy with the savings!

At what point am I throwing money into the wind using the MF phono stage? Or, getting too much cart for the arm? Or....


I don't know enough to advise you on upgrades, but I would be interested in your 2.9 Wood if you decide to sell it.
I love the P3 but I don't think that it will take you that much farther. A P5 certainly would, as would a VPI Scout, though the two sound very different. Strangely enough, I think that putting the OM-20 or OM-40 stylus on your existing cartridge would be a great improvement for little money, as would a Dynavector 10X5, for a correspondingly greater investment.
I think your best bet for getting more info from vinyl is a cartridge upgrade.Project use an OEM Grado Prestige series as the Project cartridges they sell,so try a Grado Red or higher.