Cart Recommendations for P3 w/ Origin Live RB300

Hi all -- I have a new Rega P3 with an RB300 arm fully modified by Origin Live and I'm looking to upgrade my Grado Statment MCZ cart. Been considering Grado Sonata or Platinum, Rega Exact, or possibly a used Benz Glider -- I want to keep the price below $500. Using a VAC Standard LE pre-amp (MM only) and an ARC VT-100 Mk II amp. Thanks!
I used a Benz Glider 2 low output and I was very happy with the results.
I forgot the Benz is MC -- my preamp is a 37 dB VAC Standard tube, so I need to stick with MM.
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Purchased a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood. Anyone else using this on a P3? I'm wonder if it needs shims with an RB300, or if I ought to buy a VTA.
used Music Maker would br great.