cart recommendations for a Clearaudio Concept

Anybody have any recomendations for a suitable cartridge for the Clearaudio Concept table.It came with a cheap concept mm from the manufacturer. Budget is about $500 max.
Ortofon 2m Bronze
anybody here have a Concept table ? What are you using ?
My first thread here.

My dealer urged me to try the matching Concept cartridges. I listened to both the MM and MC versions. I bought the MM version (I am an MM fan), and I was stunned by how good it after about 150-200 hours.

I am now running a Virtuoso, not because I was in any urge to upgrade, but because due to a silly accident I ruined the stock one and I happened to have a brand new virtuoso around. If it weren't for this I would still be very happy enjoying Concept Cartridge.
anybody using a MC ? what do u think ?
what do you have for a phono stage?
sim audio moon lp3
That's what I have, Moon LP3. I am going to upgrade it soon enough, and my Dyna 10X5 cartridge. Spacedeck/Spacearm that I have deserve much better.
I might try a zu103 to see what it can do in that price range.