Cart Recommendations

Recently broke my Clearaudio Virtuoso and looking for replacement. Trade in replacement for the Virtuoso will cost me 575 and was thinking of spending the money on a different cart. Possibly mc type. My system:

VPI HW-19jr w/upgraded platter
Jelco 750 arm

Any suggestions? Was thinking of trying one of the Denon 103 or 304 carts but not sure if I will need a step up transformer. Right now I am using my back-up Denon dl-110 and it sounds very good for budget cart.
Don't know if this will help but I got into Lyra cartridgs over the past few years, now owning both an Argo i and a Helikon i. I have no desire to upgrade either of these as they continue to cound amazing. I hear their recent Delos is quite a good value and has the latest technology.