Cart recommendation for a Joule Electra OPS2 Phono

I have a new rig coming from Joule-Electra (monos, pre, & phono) to mate up with my new also-on-order Merlin MXR speakers.

Now that I've got that stuff finalized, I want to start thinking about a new table+arm+cart. Table & arm aren't finalized, but I do like the Raven One + TW 10.5 arm. We'll see.

But the question I have the most concern about is the cart. Jud says that the phono should be good to go with >.35mV, but that .45mV (or better, presumably) would be "ideal". Reading elsewhere, I'm assuming that's because that going too low in output might be problematic due to system noise. Not sure. Anyway, that does seem to rule out the ultra-low output MC carts.

I posted over on AA that I was looking at the following carts: Lyra Kleos (.5mV), Grado The Statement 1 (.5mV), or perhaps a Benz Micro SHR Gullwing (.7mV). For arbitrary reasons, I picked a $3k price limit. And for whatever reason, I'm going to pass on a step-up for now (though I might not rule it out in the future). I'm also thinking ultra-low (Koetsu & Denon) and ultra-high compliance cartridges (Soundsmith) might be a bad fit.

Anything else come to mind? Jud recommends the Benz line, but I'm wondering if the new Lyra might be a more neutral fit as the rest of the system is already "pretty tubey".

Suggestions and comments welcome.
I've run a Koetsu Urushi Black .4mV with the LAP-150 MKll and at the time, about 3 mo ago, didn't think there was a problem. I currently use a .6mV cart and like the OPS on low gain, 36db. I'll check gain setting to be sure, I do have the S/C reversed which should indicate the low gain non inverting setting, but will check when I return from a doctor appointment(2 1/2 hrs).
Wouldn't it be a good idea to find a table/arm combination first then a cartridge that works with that arm and an output mV that will work best with the OPS?
Look at the Basis 2500 with a Graham arm combo the active suspension of the Basis is a big plus!!!
BTW congratulation on the awesome new components your getting.
Dear Socrates7: For that tube Phono stage IMHO maybe the best you can do is to think in the MM/MI alternative where the cartridges needs less gain that means that the cartridge signal pass through the Joule Electra for less stages ( less cartridge signal degradation ) than a LOMC one and where the Joule Electra will perform a lot better.

These ones IMHO are good cartridge options that can too match well with the Raven you have in mind:

Please don't " worry " because the low price of these cartridges ( you can buy both and the rest of the 3K on LPs! ), both are very good performers and compete at the same level with almost any LOMC cartridge.

Regards and enjoy the music,
I checked and the jumpers are in so 36db of gain it is. I also ran the Urushi at 36db and thought there was enough gain for most volumes I was listening to at that time. I listen louder now but with the .6mV cart there's more than enough gain.
RE: Table/arm prior to cart -- I think I want to get all three at the same time. At this point, I'm just exploring what's out there and trying to see if there's some carts I've been overlooking.
What mono's and pre are you getting?
Joule-Electra Marquis & LA-150 Signature.

You're using a .4mV cart on the MM inputs? If so, have you tried it on the MC inputs?
The OPS 1 has one set of imputes that are 47kohms(wide open) that can be loaded for MM/MC carts with the two adjacent extra RCA jacks for different value resistance/capacitance loaded RCA plugs. If your model OPS also needs resistors for MC I'd order some now so you don't land up waiting for weeks. I'd start with 15kohms, 1kohm, 500ohm, 250ohm and 100ohm these should give you the ability to run most MC carts, if you think you want more precision at least your close enough to enjoy your vinyl while waiting for the new value.

I don't find my Joule system "pretty tubey" I find it more linear, extremely fast & quick, and very dynamic. I didn't realize how fantastic/incredibly they were until I installed the PC-1 and the W/P 8's which were capable of letting me hear the components abilities. I think you need a little warmth to go with a detailed cart with the Joule gear, I haven't heard the Merlins but I've been told you hear what you feed them.
Right. Loading plugs. Crap. Forgot that .... Ok, I'll look into that pronto. I should be good to go with my current setup, but for the next iteration, those plugs will be necessary.

I'm really psyched to get all my JE gear. ;-)

FWIW, Michael Fremer thinks the KAB formula is probably more accurate than Harley's as it more lines up to his personal experience. Good data point.