Cart reccomendation?

I'm looking for cart recommendations. I have a Herron VTPH1 and am acquiring a Dobbins Garrard 301 and String Theory Woody 12" arm to use with it.

The table will be 2-tonearm capable, so I'm hoping people can recommend a cart for the Woody and another arm-cart combo.

We listen to all kinds of music.
Hi Kendall,
While I will only be giving advice based on my own experiences,I can recommend you buy up in the Benz line as your budget will allow. I've had 13 Benz's dating back to the 80's and have enjoyed every one of them. They all have tonality in spades,and IMO would be a good match for the sonic attributes of your 301.Check with vinylengine for tonearm compatibility as I have no experience with the tonearm you mentioned.
Thanks, Ted. Benz is definitely on my short list of carts to try, along with some Denon, Ortofon, and Dynavector. Thanks!