Cart option for VPI turntables

Many thanks for those who corresponded to my query on the P5 carts recommendation.
Right now am also consider the New VPI Classic with the 10.5 vpi arm. (stock).
Would appreciate some inputs, what carts would work well with the VPI.
Dynavectors seems to be popular with the VPI arm.
I love my Dyna 20x
I second the Dynavector DV-20X cart. I'm using the "low" version along with the Dynavector P-75 MKII phono. Very nice combo!
Dyna, Benz(or Cardas, which is a modded Benz), ZYX with the silver weight option are all good choices. Sorasound might still have good deals on his leftover ZYX inventory. Happy with my Airy3SB on my 12.7 arm. Cheers,
Add Lyra cartridges to the list. They mate very well with VPI arms.

Benz and Dyna are both good options that work with the VPI arm. I am using the Benz Ebony LP, and Dyna XV1s. They are both wonderful, the Benz being closer to my perception of what music really sounds like.
I use Denon, 304,103 and 110. Have the 12.7 and 9 arms. They also work well with the Dynavector P-75 11. I am a dealer for it as well as VPI but not Denon.
I just purchased a VPI Classic and put a Benz ACE S on it. Haven't received it yet so I cant comment on the sound.
looks like Dynavector is a top choice of carts among the VPI users.
Any other suggestions here ?

Many thanks.
I found Lyra and Dynavector cartridges to work best with VPI tables/arms.

VPI is pretty big on Grado's higher lines of moving magnet cartridges. In fact, they actually sell a 1.5mv version of Grado's "The Reference" cartridge on their website and recommend it highly if you call them (Mike at VPI).

I have one of the above on my TNT with JMW 12 arm and it is very musical, with a beautiful midrange. Lower output for better sound than the standard 4.5 mv "The Reference" version but relatively easy to drive with most good phono sections (compared to 0.5mv low-output "Statement Reference" version) and tracks great.
Koetsu Rosewood and Black seemed to work well with my old TNT-HR with 12.5 arm, running RCA junction box with XLR Signature wire.
In my HRX with 12.6 arm, I favour the ClearAudio Titanium, running with the XLR junction box and Valhalla wire.