Cart. match for Sonic Frontiers SFP-1 Signature

Hello to all, Just picked up SFP-1 sig phono pre and Would like oppions on cartidge match. Phono pre can handle MM/MC (37 db gain MM) (57 db gain MC) Right now I currently have Blue Point Special 2.5mV and I have pre in MM, but it seems not to have enough gain, I can switch to MC but the pre is then out of phase and the Sonic Frontiers instruction manual says to switch + and - wires at cart to put back in phase, is this the best way or should I upgrade cart and if so what type should I be looking at? Thanks!
Try switching the wires first, it's free.

If you decide to go looking for a MC cartridge, take a listen to the Lyra Lydian Beta or a Ortofon Kontrapunkt B. Both have a output of around .5mV and sound very good.

I am using a Benz M09(now M2) on a VPI JMW 10.5/Aries combo with my Signature.The Benz had a medium output of 1.0mV and matches wonderfully. Im driving this into a ARC LS15 pre amp. Two things I recommend with your SFP-1 Sign is to use a good PC instead of the stock one, (Cardas/HT/Shunyata) and I replaced the 4 Gold Aero tubes with Mullard CV 4024 (12AT7A) avail from Upscale audio,(about $30.00/tube) and the 6922's with a pair of Siemens NOS 7308 gold pin.(about$ 150-175.00/pair) These upgrades alone will dramatically improve the sound of the pre.

Good listening!