Cart match for OL Silver/Sota Sapphire/PH-1

I'm looking into a cart upgrade (I'm currently running a Virt Wood). I have a budget capped @ $1K.
I'd like to move into an MC and have been considering the following:
Transfiguration Spirit
Koetsu Black
Lyra Argo
Ortofon Kontrapunkt B
Shelter 501/901

I listen mostly to acoustic jazz with some rock (indie/classic/acoustic) & classical thrown in for good measure.

My current setup (V-Wood/OL Silver/Sota Star Sapphire /AcousTec PH-1) gives me great detail, but it's lacking in depth and bottom end... it doesn't really put me "there." My VTA sets the arm parallel w/ the record surface, and tracking is set just a hair under 2 grams. The PH-1 is set @ the factory MM settings (42dB/47k).

I have used the 501 in my system, but it was thru a different phono stage (Phonomena) in a different listening environment. I was impressed, but I'm on the fence about giving it another run.

Has anyone had experience w/ any of the above carts on an OL Silver arm? Any suggestions/recommendations for a cart upgrade? Thanks in advance!!!

I have the Shelter 901 on a modded OL Silver. I chose it for its reputation on large scale, dynamic music, which is mostly what we listen to. Apply whatever raves you can imagine, they still wouldn't do it justice.

For small scale acoustic jazz the 501 has a better rep than any of your other choices except maybe the Transfiguration. You were "impressed" but it seems like something was missing. Can you say what?

IMPORTANT: check out the "Strange Tonearm Tweak" thread for a simple mod that will take your Silver up a whole level, especially with low compliance cartridges like a Shelter. This mod is mandatory for anyone with a Silver. You'll get a $400+ sonic upgrade for $20-30.
Really surprised that you didn't like the 501 very much. Maybe you should try one of the other European cartridges you listed, since the "Japanese" sound of the Shelter and Koestu are quite different than the "European" sound of the Clearaudio you are running. That may be the simple answer.
Thanks for the responses.

I did try the 501 on my system, but it was in a different house, with a different system rack, different room size, different phono pre... and, to be honest, the cart was most likely not set up for optimum performance.

I am considering giving it another run, as I don't think I gave it a fair shot. I've also been thinking the 901 could be an interesting option as well. It's unfortunate that carts are not really widely available for "in-home" demo. I'm not thrilled about blind faith purchases, but it seems that I don't have too much choice.

I'm sure once I get the HI-FI mod set up, it will give me that "weight" I'm craving in my playback.

If anyone knows where I may find a deal on a Shelter, please let me know. I have seen them pop up on a-gon, so I've been keeping my eyes open; but if there's another option (outside of paying full retail), I'd appreciate any insight.

Setup on the Shelters is critical, and they also require some reasonable break-in time of at least 40 hours. They can sound unacceptable at certain early stages of the break in. But they come out really sweet after the break in period. Try Jay at Audio Revelation for the Shelter. He is an Audiogon advertising and supporting dealer.