cart height

Ok. My cart spec states the height from stylus tip to top of cart is 15.5mm. My same cart with retip is 16.15mm from top to bottom. Will this make a difference? I am asking because I am having a sibilance problem.
Thanks, Doug

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The cart is a Soundsmith retipped Denon DL-S1, alignment with a Mint protractor on a Audiomods Classic arm. I tried 1.15 to 1.5g VTF as well.
I tried a few VTA settings to no avail. So I decided to recheck my alignment, and take my time. You see, I can can set up a Denon DL301mk2 - Dyna 10x5 and a few others lickity split! But I found out how critical a severe stylus shape can be to align. Close is not good enough! The sibilance is now gone.
Cheers, Doug