Cart for Aries 1 with JMW-12

Was using a Clavis da Capo in my last table, something happened to the suspension on that cart when I put it one the Aries. Now it's a low rider that I'm afraid to use until after I check with Scan-Tech. (Jonathan, are you out there? :) )

Mounted an OLD AT-OC9ML1 that I had; nice but it sounds dark. Might be old age. Hasn't been used in 10 years.

I'm looking for a cart that will be a touch lighter than the OC9 and a bit warmer than the CdC. Strongly prefer something in the sub-$500 range. Using a Herron VTSP-1mc phono stage.

Another / later version of the OC9? Denon 103/103r? Something else?
If you can stretch your budget a bit the Dynavector 20x2 is a proven winner with the 12.5 arm.
If you want to expand your options or increase the performance of your cartridge, consider upgrading the counter weight on your JMW 12... I use this upgrade from a guy in the UK on Ebay. XTC VPI JMW12.5 tonearm UPGRADE COUNTERWEIGHT - NON EU & EXPORT PRICE
I use a Lyra Helikon with excellent results on a JMW 10.5 (Aries 2) and easily recommend any of their carts with JMW arms.
The DV 20X2 is my backup carty. It's a nice carty, but my main carty is the Soundsmith VPI Zehyr. The Zephyr was jointly designed by Peter Ledermann and Harry Weisfeld. No surprise that it is extremely compatible with the Classic JMW wand. I think it sounds mutch better than the DV 20X2. I'm sure there are even better sounding carties out there, but the Zephyr is a low risk very good performer.

Stringreen is another VPI Classic owner who has said many times that the Benz LPS is a super performer: problem is that it's a $5K carty.

You might be able to pick up a preowned Zephyr on A'gon for $700. I did and it was a great buy. Brand new, the Zephyr costs $1K, unless you can find a dealer who discounts it.

Another nice fact about the Zephyr is that Peter Ledermann only charges $250 to retip it. Once retipped, it's as good as new.

Just another option. FWIW.
Good news. The OC9 has come back after a couple of hours of use. I guess it was just stiff from sitting around. Sounds nice even though it seems a bit dark and unrefined compared to the Lyra.

I will consider the Zephyr and 20x2 when the OC9 decides to give up the ghost.

BTW, this Aries 1 is a new table for me. Quite a nice performer and an improvement over the "modified" TNT 1 I was using.
Bpolletti, as I said, the DV 20X2 is an ok carty, but the Zephyr sounds much better. I think many DV fans rave about the higher grade DV models. Just be sure your pre can handle the output. Many DV (MC) carties have very low output.
Keith Herron takes care of my VTPH-1 phono stage. No issues with mismatches.