Cart. for AR turntable

what is the best cart. for 71' AR turntable price under $180 ? how 'bout sumiko blue-point? also tweak for AR if any ? Thanks, Rute.
I used a Blue Point (solid bodied) on my AR after refurbishing and adding the VPI med mass arm, and the sound was too strident ('hard') for my tastes. Can't recommend it. Ended up using an AT440ML with acceptable results at the price point. Apparently Grados can't be used on AR tables due to motor-induced hummmmmmm. Too bad there, unless you changed to DC drive! Another little 'tweak' I used was judicious/strategic use of Dynamat damping compound on the metal subchassis. 'Ringing' of such a subchassis (an issue in the Linn as well) will color the sound. Would also definitely recommend putting new springs in and checking out the grommets and such in the suspension. Enjoy!
There is WAY too much "talk" of the Grado hum.I have had 3 Grado's including 2 of the wooden body.Does it bother you to hear a faint hum when you cue up after the LP is done?If so,they arent for you.I have never heard a hum during music or even between tracks.ONLY when the stylus is above the record at the end.My table is a Rega P-25.Its motor is directly below the platter which is why the "notorious" hum happens.But one of the favorite cartridges to use with Planars is Grado.Fremer reviewed the P-25 with a Grado and had no complaints.The reviews for the Grado Platinum and Sonata were done on a P-3,no complaints again.If you want a warm yet detailed cartridge with very fine bass then get a Platinum.Audio Advisor will sell you one for around 15-20% off.Sound City maybe for less but make sure you ask for Joe.Ignore the Grado hum issue.Its not an issue... Most mail order have a great return policy.It will only cost you shipping to check the Grado out.They have above average life also.No cartridge under $500 is better than a Platinum,IMO You can even get one used with low hours for $150 or so.If it has under 500 hours on it you would get a great deal.
Other contenders likely to be compatible with the AR would include Denon DL-110 or 160, Clearaudio aurum alpha or beta, or perhaps one of the lower-priced Dynavectors. I've been 'hearing' good things about those in particular (10X4 mk II), but not sure off the top o' my head what the list is.