Cart adjustment, that moment when you nail it!

Dang, after futzing with my analog system, and getting it “ok” but with some distortion here and there etc, FINALLY got the thing dialed. All I can say is WOW... Lot’s of trial and error, tiny adjustments, etc. and then ding! Nailed it. Finally! Just awesome. If you are in the tinker mode, keep trying, you WILL get there. It’s worth the time!
Mostly adjustment. I got super specific with the alignment it was just a tiny bit off. Made all the difference. 
Yes, and adjusting the cart alignment to the head shell. The SME V doesn’t have an azimuth adjustment per se, but it can be tweaked a tiny bit by making sure the arm is in perfect alignment when tightened after the VTA adjustment. I thought I was doing things in tiny increments, but turns out those “tiny” adjustments were still too big. It’s tedious, but it makes all the difference. Probably still more precision could be had with regard to azimuth, with shims etc, but I’m good for now.
What cartridge ? 
Just curious..
I’ve had many of those moments. But it’s pretty routine now. I have 105 cartridges. 27 are in my favorite stands, waiting to be rotated in.

Once getting it “right” becomes routine, and you’ve chosen an exact, easy alignment protractor, only then do you have a level of TRUST. 

THEN, when you hear something that’s not quite right, you KNOW it’s not your setup. You immediately know you have a record with groove damage or a bad pressing. No wondering or second-guessing your alignment.’ve arrived!