"Cars are Cars" by Paul Simon...are my channels reversed?

I could use some help from the Agon community. On the above track on the VINYL version of the album "Hearts and Bones", the lyric "drive on the left" comes out of my right-hand speaker and the lyric "drive on the right" comes out of my left-hand speaker. It appears I have all my connections perfect, including the cart connections. 

When I listen to this track on Spotify, the lyric "left" comes out of the left speaker and the lyric "right" comes out of the right speaker.

If you have this record, could you please listen to this track and let me know what you hear. Thanx very much.

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Perfectly normal. Your pressing is British. They all drive on the left.
lewm the OP stated right up front that he knows all his connections are correct. He hasn’t mentioned this happening with anything else. Only on Spotify. Which then for some unfathomable reason instead of just saying oh Spotify and be done with it he frets its something technical and apparently invisible, since he can’t see it. Maybe next the thread will go on for days and weeks and months, all the sages coming up with one idea after another, each less likely than the last, until finally GK and glupson are battling over, well whatever. At that point all best are off.

That’s the alternative. Which one do you prefer? The long or the short?

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