"Cars are Cars" by Paul Simon...are my channels reversed?

I could use some help from the Agon community. On the above track on the VINYL version of the album "Hearts and Bones", the lyric "drive on the left" comes out of my right-hand speaker and the lyric "drive on the right" comes out of my left-hand speaker. It appears I have all my connections perfect, including the cart connections. 

When I listen to this track on Spotify, the lyric "left" comes out of the left speaker and the lyric "right" comes out of the right speaker.

If you have this record, could you please listen to this track and let me know what you hear. Thanx very much.

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Don't want this to go on for days/weeks/months...just asking someone to listen to their vinyl version of the song "Cars are Cars". My connections look perfect, but it's very odd that, on the vinyl, the lyric "drive on the left" resides in the right channel of my rig and the lyric "drive on the right" sits in the left channel. If someone out there has the vinyl of "Hearts and Bones" and listens to the song mentioned above, it would be very helpful if they could report what they hear. I do believe it's possible that my new amp, new cart or new tt has a manufacturing flaw.
Thanx, all.
Ian, your post was particularly helpful. I'll now assume there's something amiss in my new rig and will get to work.
Thanx, again, all, excepting millercarbon who, while witty, is unnecessarily  condescending, we have an answer. The Belles Aria integrated amp I just bought is wired with the channels reversed. Truly lame and quite disappointing. BAD QC. I don't expect this type of flaw from anything approaching its price-point.