Carpet or not


I have a room that is 12.5 feet deep and 13.7 wide and 8 foot seeling

I have the speakers on the wide side wall and a big wide sofa at my listning possition on the other wide side wall.
it its low has a big laying down arrengment and cover up alot of the floor space.

I getting some speakers that are basicaly to big for the room .

Now should i cover the whole room with thick carpet or should i treat the seeling and leave some of the floor bare ?

I have noticed that many Rives treated rooms have the area around the seakers bare and with no carpet is this also the best way with a small room ?

eny thourgts or advice will be greatly appriciated.

Heavy rug on the floor in front of speakers will be fine and it depends how lively your room is to how much acoustic treatment you needed. But first reflection points on side walls and ceilling should always be treated and corners bass traps as well for over load speakers. Cheers.
I like the flexibility of a large area rug that extends three feet or so past the speaker position. You can move it around if you notice something odd. Made a big difference for me since I have hardwood floors to add a rug. I notice a softer more musical sound from my system. My beliefe is it reduce the resonant harmonic waves but I could just like the rug.
Try a big rug and see what you think!

Hi the thing is i have a big rug on my floor and im quit pleasd .
it covers the floor infront of the speakers

But i was wondering if would be better of with covering my whole floor with a carpet meaning also the areas behind the speakers and on the sides.

i dont have the new speakers yet (sonus faber Cremona) but im keaned on having as much work done before the speakers

Because of the smaller size of the room, I'd recommend a very thick pile carpet with the heaviest/thickest pad underneath covering every square inch of the floor.