Carpet or hardwood floor?

I 've got Paradigm Studio 60 speakers. For better acoustics would I be better with carpet or hardwood floor in my medium size living room?
Carpet, or an area rug, helps to control floor reflections which will otherwise muddy up the sound and potentially cause a sense of brightness.
It's not so easy. Carpet covers a large area with a lot of Sabiens--this can be very good in an other wise live or bright room, it can be bad in room that's already over damped. In general, I like hardwood floors with area rugs. This provides maximum flexibility, and I like speakers on the floor (mainly for 2 channel listening--things are different for HT and multi-channel), with short reflection times bouncing off the floor, but make sure there is ample absorption near the listener. These short reverberation times add to spaciousness and imaging, but this can be totally irrelevant if the rest of the room is right.

For more on the subject you can go to our [ulr=] listening room[/url]. It's a basic tutorial on this and other issues that exist in many listening rooms.
Hardwood floors if you have tapestry's or large curtains everywhere. Otherwise, rugs with drywall or panelling is fine.
I'd recommend a carpet. If it makes your room too dead, remove something else and keep the carpet. Floor bounce is generally problem #1 in speaker-room interaction. Minimizing it is never a bad thing.
I have found carpet to give better acoustics, but I don't particularly like carpet (for many reasons, amongsts which we have pets), so a good trade off may be rugs.
I love hardwood floors but unfortunately carpet sounds a lot better. I've tried rugs but a fully carpeted room just sounds better in my opinion. You get significantly more floor refections with a rug and hardwood floors.
I've got wall to wall carpet plus underpad, and I've received a lot of compliments on how my system sounds. I've made ZERO effort on room treatments to this I'd recommend a carpet.