Just finished watching a PBS show/fundraiser about the Carpenters, and it made me realize even more than I had prior just how fantastic (I think) Karen was as a singer.  My regret, and its a small one I suppose, is that her brother has taken it upon himself to "remix" most/all of the music they made together; I prefer to hear the music/songs as I recall them when they were new/fresh.  Truly a remarkable singer.  To me and my tastes.
Whart, that´s exactly what I meant ! I think I´ll get the US original first. Discogs is a great source. Thanks and cheers
Yep, have had a copy of that record forever. It's actually a very good sounding record. enjoy~
  I have all the Carpenters albums/CD;s and have been in love with her voice since I heard her on the radio singing, "Close to You." in 1970. BTW, did you all realize that this song was recorded by both Dionne Warwick and the actor Richard Chamberlain in the early 1960's. 
Music on Vinyl released a pretty good sounding double record package called "The Collection" last year.  It includes all the hits plus some deep album tracks and obviously songs that the Singles 69-73 doesn't have.
What a fantastic instrument that voice was.
I still have most of the original albums in great shape.
 Sonically, not bad.
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