Carl Orff s Die Kluge on angel;want a CD

How can I get Angel Records to re-issue Carl Orff's "Die Kluge". The composer was the director and the cast perfect in every way. I LOVE THIS RECORDING. But I don't have a turntable anymore... nor any records. I have three cassette copies of this and the ONLY reason I keep a cassette player is this one bit of music!!! Any suggestions on how to make some giant corporations bend to my will???
Why not suggest that Music Direct do this as one of their MoFi releases? They bought MoFi and are looking for suggestions for things to release and the medium (vinyl 150g, 180g, and Gold CD).
You suggested the Library before. Is it possible to do a search of all librarys in your state? You may also want to check College librarys, especially if they have Music degree programs. I'm not a lawyer, but how can you be breaking a law if you burn a CD for personal use of something unavailable for purchase? Must be someone with the equipment in your area to do it. Also pick up the phone and call all the used record stores in your area that have LPs.
I assume you are referring to the legendary recording with Schwartzkopf, Frick, and Hotter with the Philharmonia conducted by Sawallisch. A great performance and one of Walter Legge's best productions. It has been remastered on EMI and released in England. It is in stock at I order from them about once a month.
Elizabeth seems to be saying Orff conducted ???
I believe that Orff "supervised" this production.
Maybe you could borrow a TT & then burn yourself a cdr
It comes on an Angel 2 CD set with Der Mond.
Yeah, the Angel CD WAs available and I missed it!!! the # was EMI 1990: CMS 7 63712 2 And it WAS the Sawallisch with Elisabeth Schwarzcopf. And I WILL try the 'crotchet uk" store THANKS ALL!!
Hey Elizabeth,

If you're not familiar with you might want to try searching there. It's a database & link to many merchants and sellers of music. I just tried it and there were quite a few things that came up (prices varied), but I wasn't sure what I was looking at. So take your code numbers over there, and do a search for "Die Kluge" under title.

By the way...the more stars a merchant has, the more likely they'll actually have it in stock. Some of them don't have the items they claim to have. Good Luck.

Got the CD from Crotchet in UK. Thanks all, for responses