Care to put these in order? KEF JBL B&W Soliloquy

What order would you put these in for all around 2 channel use and part time duty in a 5.1 setup? Will be used with decent solid state amp and variety of analog and digital sources.

KEF Reference 203
JBL L100T3
B&W Nautilus 805N Bookshelfs + Definitive Sub
Soliloquy 6.3
1-5 + KEF
Kef. Soliloquy B&W Jbl
Haven't heard KEF or JBLs so can't really put them in any order here. But I have heard the Soliloquy 6.2 vs. the B&W 805N without a sub in the same system. The 805s sounded very good but very limited in the bass and also in the lower mids. A sub will obviously help with the bass, but not sure it could help with the lower mids. By comparison, the 6.2's midrange sounded much more expressive and complete and elevated image heft and the emotional involvement factor greatly. As a result the 805s sounded relatively dry and sterile overall since so much of the music lives in the midrange. I also preferred the Soliloquy's silk dome to the 805's metal dome, but that's personal preference and both were very good. Incidentally I also got to compare the 6.2s directly to the 803Ns in the same system and still preferred the 6.2s by a fairly large margin. Again, much more life to the sound.

In the end I bought (and still own) the 6.2s, but I can't say I'd recommend Soliloquy speakers now since they're out of business and you could be stuck living in fear of the possiblility of a blown driver since replacement drivers are not readily available. Great speakers though. If you're at all leary of the blown driver thing but like the Soliloquy's sound I'd highly recommend adding Joseph Audio to your list as I found the RM22s and RM25s to possess many of the best characteristics of the 6.2s, and JA is obviously still in business and should be for a long time to come. Hope this helps a little bit.