Care and Treatment of Wood Speaker Cabinets

Hello to the speaker forum members here. I was wondering what the audiophiles here do to preserve the wood of their speaker cabinetry. Specifically, what treatments do you use to protect and prevent drying out of your wood cabinets?

Myself, I have been the owner since 1983 of a recently upgraded Ohm Walsh 4 to the Ohm Walsh 4.5 S3 and I only use lemon oil to prevent it from drying out. To mask the dings I use a furniture stain marker to hide some of the inevitable blemishes that come about.

I try not to use wax as it builds up and hinders the lemon oil application.

Thanks for any replies!
This has been discussed at length several times, a check of the archives for "veneer," "wood care," "lemon oil," etc. will bring up numerous relevant threads. I firmly believe that any modern wood finish sufficient to impart a protective finish, be it matte or gloss, is not going to allow the migration of any oil or moisturizer through it's barrier film. An older speaker like the Ohm might have something like a semi-permiable tung oil or danish oil finish that can be renourished. Modern catalyzed finishes are a different matter. Lack of humdity is the enemy of wood. Maintaining proper ambient humidity is much more effective than any application of moisturizer to preserve wood veneeer.
Old English lemon oil works fine. You don't need much. A little dab will do you.