Cardis or Silver Audio

I am currently auditioning a pair of Cardis Neutral Ref. innerconnects with RCA's . I'm using them between my amp and preamp. I'm wondering if anyone has compared them with Silver Audios innerconnects Thanks Richard
A2 go to planet H-Fi April 2000 issue, John Marks reviews Silver Audio Hyacinth against his Cardas NR, and wonders what is the point of spending $500 a pair cables, heh heh heh. BTW I own SA Hyacinths, but recently I have using HT Pro-Silway II to good effect, good luck, Sam
Hi Megasam, Was wondering how the SA Hyacinth compares to the HT ProSilway Mk II? Any comments? Thanks.
Ekmaia, very close but edge goes to Pro-Silway II if cost no object, Hyacinth has 95% of performance, but PS II has unbelievable 3D capablities that give it the edge. Both are very sweet and nuetral silver designs, you can get 0.5m PS II for $250 instead of $400 for 1m. I keep both on hand, I could not sell one, it would be like giving up one of my children, heh heh......hope that helps, Sam
Thanks for the info. I went to the website for pro silway and noticed they had a dealer list. Do you know if these cables are available with a trial period. I'm not in a position to have multible sets of cables. Richard
Richard, HT has 30 day trail through all its dealers, check, Wen Lee the owner carries HT and SA cables, ask him about comparison. HT PS II can sometimes be found used here if you are patient, SA Hyacinth hard to find used.
Great site, Thanks Richard
Thanks, Megasam, for your input. Now talking about length (like what you mentioned about $250 for a 0.5 run of ProSilway II VS $400 for 1m), I wonder how an even shorter soldered connection will sound... Speculatively, is it possible that the electromechanical properties of the design of PS II lend to that kind of spacious sound??
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