Cardas XLR to RCA adapter comparison?

Has anyone done comparison between those Cardas adapters XLR to RCA for $115/pair with no name brand ones $7 from eBay, Amazon?
A point to be aware of when adapting an XLR output to an RCA input is that most such adapters short one of the two signals in the balanced signal pair (usually the one on XLR pin 3) to ground (XLR pin 1). Depending on the design of the particular components that may or may not be appropriate, and in some cases it may result in a sonic problem or even damage. If the output of the component providing the signals is transformer coupled it stands a good chance of being appropriate and perhaps necessary. If the output signals are provided by solid state circuits having low output impedance it stands a good chance of not being suitable. See this thread for an example of the latter situation, where an oscillation resulted.

My understanding is that on special order Cardas can supply adapters which leave pin 3 unconnected.


-- Al
Al provided a thorough (much appreciated) explanation, as usual. With my situation, I have a xlr out from preamp to rca in to amplifiers.            I commissioned Joe Levy of Tempo to assemble a pair of ICs (since I like his product). Nick Doshi provided me his wiring information, as Al denotes. I avoided the extra connection that way. 
While the Cardas have nicely finished connectors, the material used in their construction is brass, the same as the cheapies. Brass is not the best conductor, but I guess copper is too soft a material with which to make an XLR.
@almarg thank you
@isochronism my application is exactly that, preamp xlr out- amp rca in
@bdp24 I hope it’s more than that otherwise, that’s a lot of mark up $$$. However, Cardas has 1 beautiful design names Clear. I like them but Each pair is $200 via MusicDirect
@nasaman I recently had to address this situation. @almarg was very helpful in helping me sort it out. His post is on point.

Cardas will custom ground a pin and keep a pin ’open’ / ’unconnected’. You will need to specify which one, based on your component. There is no extra charge for doing so. It will add some time to your order as it needs to be processed through Cardas and for the time Cardas needs to complete the work.

I tried both Cardas XLR to RCA adaptors (their standard and the Clear). It was easy to tell the sound quality / performance difference between the two adaptors, with the Clear being superior. As always, system and listener preferences....
@david_ten Thank you. I'm glad the differences is noticeable. I really like those Clear XLR connectors, except the price.