Cardas vs. Synergistic Research

I'm now comparing a Cardas golden ref.vs.Synergystic Research t1 power cables on my cdp(Sonic Frontiers cd-1).Here's what I came too.The Cardas edges it out in soundstage depth and over all tonal balance with better spacial cues,Maybe a hint more warmth,also the Cardas had a darker background.The Synergistic Research was more upfront and gave me more of an up close and personal view to the soundstage.Almost like being in row 1 verses middle of the hall..The Synergistic slightly compressed the image height but made voices seem more holographic.The synergistic also was faster with a sweeter top end.These are both very good Pc's for the money.Like anything theres trade off's and you have to decide whats important.I like to try the SR t-2 with active sheilding to see If I get more depth back in the soundstage.Has anyone else had any experience with these two pc's
Spaz- T2 should sound better than T1; Precision AC will sound better than T2; Hologram D will sound better than Precision AC. I have tried these all and ended up with the Hologram D on my DAC and on my CDP. Very revealing and lifelike.

Keep in mind there is also most definitely a "synergism" with these cables - at least that's what I found in my system. I know all manufacturers say this, but I actually found it to be true with SR cables, which now populate my entire system. It seemed like each cable that was added seem to lower the noise floor and add a little more depth, dimensionality and realism. They replaced VD Genesis and Revelation PCs, ICs and SCs and were definitely a "find" for me. As always, YMMV. Good luck.

I have not compared the SR T1 against the SR T2, and I have no other basis to offer a comment. Fplanner2000 offers a plausible analysis. Once again, best of luck in your search.
The SR power cable(T1)out of all cables I've tried had made the most sound difference.Only if it was the sound I was looking for.One thing I noticed with this power cable is theres not as much bass compared to the Cardas.but the high's are more pronouced.Hmmm
IMO, what separates SR cables from everyone else is the active shielding. The T1 doesn't have this, but all the other PCs I mentioned do. I would suggest that before you form an opinion on SR PCs, you at least try 1 with the active shielding. You should notice a definite positive difference - lower noise floor, better separation, etc. Just a suggestion.....