Cardas vs. Synergistic Research

I'm now comparing a Cardas golden ref.vs.Synergystic Research t1 power cables on my cdp(Sonic Frontiers cd-1).Here's what I came too.The Cardas edges it out in soundstage depth and over all tonal balance with better spacial cues,Maybe a hint more warmth,also the Cardas had a darker background.The Synergistic Research was more upfront and gave me more of an up close and personal view to the soundstage.Almost like being in row 1 verses middle of the hall..The Synergistic slightly compressed the image height but made voices seem more holographic.The synergistic also was faster with a sweeter top end.These are both very good Pc's for the money.Like anything theres trade off's and you have to decide whats important.I like to try the SR t-2 with active sheilding to see If I get more depth back in the soundstage.Has anyone else had any experience with these two pc's
I agree with your thoughts on trying a higher SR cable I use them exclusevely in my system and am completely satisfied with them.

With your system and the money that you have in it, you really should try the SR Precision AC power cord. It's much more defined than the T2.

I tried both, then personally ended up much happier with the Silent Source Signature power cord.

I have tried the Cardas GR and SR T2 on a digital source and processor in my second system. The SR T2 was sweeter on the top end, provided much more clarity, was faster and had a slightly quieter background. YMMV. Good luck in your search.
Audiosq, have you compared the SR t1 against the SRt2 ??
When I tried Cardas power cords in my system, it took the system to an all time low. I never had such poor results with any power cord...and that was breaking it in for months. That is true for my system, yours may be different...every cable likes or dislikes a system differently.
Did you try the Cardas on your ayre??
Spaz- T2 should sound better than T1; Precision AC will sound better than T2; Hologram D will sound better than Precision AC. I have tried these all and ended up with the Hologram D on my DAC and on my CDP. Very revealing and lifelike.

Keep in mind there is also most definitely a "synergism" with these cables - at least that's what I found in my system. I know all manufacturers say this, but I actually found it to be true with SR cables, which now populate my entire system. It seemed like each cable that was added seem to lower the noise floor and add a little more depth, dimensionality and realism. They replaced VD Genesis and Revelation PCs, ICs and SCs and were definitely a "find" for me. As always, YMMV. Good luck.

I have not compared the SR T1 against the SR T2, and I have no other basis to offer a comment. Fplanner2000 offers a plausible analysis. Once again, best of luck in your search.
The SR power cable(T1)out of all cables I've tried had made the most sound difference.Only if it was the sound I was looking for.One thing I noticed with this power cable is theres not as much bass compared to the Cardas.but the high's are more pronouced.Hmmm
IMO, what separates SR cables from everyone else is the active shielding. The T1 doesn't have this, but all the other PCs I mentioned do. I would suggest that before you form an opinion on SR PCs, you at least try 1 with the active shielding. You should notice a definite positive difference - lower noise floor, better separation, etc. Just a suggestion.....
Just a heads up- in parts of Asia there are counterfeit T1 power cords being sold on the used market. I am not certain if they are also being sold in retail stores, but care should be taken when purchasing used Tesla cables. Namely make certain you get the cables serial number and email this info to the factory BEFORE you buy so we can determine the authencity of the cable in question.

For the record we have never found Active counterfeit Tesla cables. Never the less, when purchasing new, make certain you deal only with an authorized SR distributor or dealer.

Yours in music,
Ted Denney III
Lead Designer, Synergistic Research Inc.
Ted D, Please give me insight on why the t-1 power cable would mask the Bass this much when used on this cdp.Everything else is to my liking but the bass.I know the precision and the hologram series should be better but spending $1000+ on a power cable is out of reach at this time.
The T1 is intended primarily as a power cord for Plasma and video monitors. I am not certain why it would have the interaction you report but as you know, cables are system dependent. As others have suggested, the T2 would be a better choice for your application. Perhaps you should try the Active T2 power cord in your system, give it at least 10 days to settle in without removing it, and then report back?

Yours in music,
Ted Denney III
Lead Designer, Synergistic Research Inc.
Took the Synergistic t2 over to a friends house to try it on his wadia 850 and did not hear any difference.We did a blind test and I picked the generic cord.I don't listen to his system much at all but you would of thought I would of heard some kind of difference,Nope.In my system, with what I'm very familiar with,the t2 was a MAJOR improvement on Sonic Frontiers cd1 over the stock cord.more detail,better bass and better imaging.. Can anyone explain??
Try the Transparent MM reference will transform your component. I've also done the side by side comparisons through the Cable Co.'s libary....many of the so called high end PC's are simply trash. FYI Reviewers are worthless, in case you haven't figured that out yet.
Spaz- The active shielding on the T2 only works if you plug the wall wart into both the cable and an electrical power source, so that a blue light comes on. If you didn't do this, you didn't "hear" the cable, and that would explain why you heard "no difference".
What would make you think I didnt use the wallwart??