Cardas vs Synergistic

How does Cardas´ Golden Ref SC compare to Synergistic´s Precision Ref (or Accelerator)? Anyone heard both on 3-series Magnepan?
I use GRs and have heard them on a friends system and later heard some SR he bought on it. Very different, the SR much farther forward and brighter in balance with less bass. It was impressive but tiring after a while. He has replaced it with a higher grade of SR which he likes better but I haven't heard it yet. Since I personally find the Maggies usually a little bright for my taste I would go with the GR but you may feel different. These are very different [and expensive] cables so if you can try some I would go that way. There really ought to be a means of listing members willing to take their equipment over to others houses or having them over for a visit. There are several of us in Louisville who do this and it saves buying something that doesn't work in a system. The sound of speaker cables varies considerably with the amp and speaker used.
The Cable Company can lend you all three of those cables to try in your system. All cables are system dependent and you should try before you buy. If you find the Maggies are a little bright. I suggest trying Synergistic's Acoustic Reference speaker cables. All the newer Synergistic cables are non fatiguing or bright at all.
The only way to know what a cable sounds like is to hear it in your own system. Cardas was recommended to me for My all Ayre/Vandesteen system, and it was awful. Price is NOT an indication of compatibility.
Do yourself a favor and try the Cardas Clear cable. I have never been a fan of how the other Cardas cables seemed to color the sound, but the Clear has completely blown me away (after about 150 hours of break in). I have listened to many many cables (who in this hobby hasn't!) and I can honestly say I am done with switching cables - I have found the end of the line. In what I consider the best way to test cables, I pulled the Cardas Clear out after having them there for a month to go to my old cables and I could only listen for about 5 minutes before returning to the Cardas Clear.
I have tried both and am not a big fan of either. Quick summary is that Cardas is better suited for an analytical system that can veer towards brightness, while SR is better for darker/laid back systems.

I would follow the advice of the Cable Company, get some recommendations from one of their salespeople, and then borrow the cables they recommend for your system from their "lending library". If you don't like any of them, just return them at no cost or hassle.
>>02-01-11: Joeyboynj
All the newer Synergistic cables are non fatiguing or bright at all.<<

That is a disingenuous statement.

Cables are system, component, and listener dependent.

To categorically state that all cables from any company are non fatiguing or bright or warm or clinical or whatever, smacks of inexperience.

I belive cables need break-in when you unplugged them for awhile as my Cardas GR sounded totally different in the bass and sound staging after 2 - 3 days and the difference is from unlistenable blown out bass to well define and tuneful bass! I can hear the different when raising the cables and the sound will change after 2-3 days before settling down!
does anyone believe that a cable, any cable has a basic sound, regardless of the system, but may very somewhat from that basic sound, as function of the interactions of that system.

thus a sows ear may sound slightly different as you move it from system to system, but it probably will never be mistaken for a silk purse, methaphorically speaking.

thus, what i am proposing is that if you have a cardas cable and a synergistic cable, and bring both to several systems, will it not be easy to identify, one from the other ?

the idea is to bring a cable to many systems, to try to identify its sonic signature. it may take a while for a cable to reveal itself, but i believe, a trained ear can eventually discover the house sound of any cable, over time.
Yes, if you do A/B, you will hear it straight away but not always with different system. You will not be able to tell of their house sound as of speakers. I think they are more like a tone controls. Cardas will make mid bass warmer and SR cut them flat and emphasis more on the highs. Some cables make background quieter, wider soundstage etc.. I do not think the mega bugs cables are really worthwhile thought!