Cardas vs Shunyata power cords question

Anyone compared these? On my system Cardas Golden Cross cord that I took for an audition sounds way too coloured, kinda dark and artificialy warm - I would prefer something more detailed and natural. How does Shunyata compare? I keep hearing about them all the time.
My system is now Sony XA9000ES, Mcintosh MHT100 as pre for the fronts, McIntosh MC275 power amp and Sonus Faber Grand Pianos. I need cords with an open, detailed dynamic sound.
I found that Cardas power cords in general a big disappointment and I have auditioned them all. I replaced several Golden Reference power cords for the same concerns that you have stated as well as they are not good value $$.

I currently use Shunyata cords in my main 2 channel system and Shuyatta and Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC10 power cords in my 2nd video/stereo system.

All giving me great results.

Shunyata makes great products.

....and slow Antonkk.
I tried all the Shunyata power cords except the Anaconda. The best value to my ears was the Sidewinder Gold. But I recently came across a relatively unknown power cord company called DCCA. Since I've been a power cord "junkie" since the beginning, I decided to try out their entry-level $189.00 Extreme cord. After only 150 hours of break-in( it needs 300 hours) I am stunned at the tremendous dynamics, neutrality, soundstage, aliveness, etc. that this cord has provided on both tube and ss equipment. This cord does everything right, but the "dynamics" alone is worth the price of admission. This bargain power cord has soundly trounced very well-known brand power cords that cost $1000.00 and more in my systems. Watch out for this company. This Powerwave Extreme model is a real "sleeper" and IMHO is one of the all-time best bargains in audiophile power cords. The owner, Don, is a very nice man to deal with; very honest and helpful with terrific follow-up after the sale. Highly recommended. P.S. I can't comment on Cardas power cords as I've not had the opportunity to evaluate them.


If you think the Powerwave Extreme is good, you should try the Extreme Reference. I took delivery of the cord on Friday and was just astounded by the improvement it made in my system, even after settling in for only a few hours. Don says it will take 300 hours to reach its full potential, but it made a stunning difference in my system almost immediately. I had tried two earlier iterations of the DCCA Reference cord (REF-1) on a trial basis, and thought that the first was very promising but probably not fully broken in, while the second version was decidedly better and was a cord I could definitely live with. It made a very noticeable improvement in dynamics, width and depth of the soundstage, and the texture and tonality of the instruments. I would say it was an excellent "enhancement" and a bargain, taking my Plinius SA-102 to a new level of performance.

When I heard that Don had a new version of the Reference cord and that it was "way better" than the version I had, I could not resist trying it. This cord didn't just enhance my amp. It made it seem as if I bought a new amp. It made at least as much of an improvement in my system as the Electraglide Epiphany made on my CD player. It completely trounced a number of excellent power cords, including the EG Ultra Khan, the Elrod EPS-3, the SilverAudio Wattmaster, and several others. All of the aforementioned were very good, but in each case I felt I was missing something. Not anymore.

Sorry if this sounds like an ad. It isn't. I have no financial interest in the company, no relationship with Don, other than being a very happy customer.

One caveat, for those tempted to try one. The Extreme Reference is very stiff and bulky, and a real pain to place. I believe Don can custom fit, but that makes auditioning problematic. With some elbow grease and ingenuity, most users should be able to get them placed. For me, it was well worth the effort.

i replaced my cardas golden pc's with the audience power cords... the cargas were very dark,slow, and fat bottom end..

the audience pc's are pretty good and a steal at the price imo...
Hi Waltersalas,
I am waiting for some demos to come in to Don for a possible demo myself. Perhaps the two versions you demo'd are ones Don had in mind for me to try. I have two meager systems, one with a 50W Audio Refinement Complete integrated and the other with a vintage Pilot 17W tube integrated. I can't imagine needing any more than the Powerwave Extreme for these. I would imagine that the next upgrades, the Ref1 and reference would benefit more an amp that pulls a lot of current. I am going to do some experimenting next week of trying the cords on a CDP and a vintage H/K tuner. I'm glad that you like the new Reference version. I didn't know that Don had an "old" Reference version, especially since his company is so new. Have you had a chance to compare the Reference to the Epiphany on your CDP?
Go with Transparent Audio. They are cleaner and more natural than any other power cords I've heard. I use the reference power cords on my 2 channel system and they are black as black gets in the background. the music has far more breathing room and the dynamics are stunning. All from switching power cords! I'm a MAC dealer and a transparent dealer, so I know what they do together.
I had many power cords in my system, and Cardas was the very worst. It closed down the dynamics, was grainy, etc. I called Cardas and asked them if something was wrong, they said that it sounded like it had to be broken in. After 3 months of breaking in, I sold it on Audiogon.
I have been speaking with Don about the Ref-1 and Extreme Reference for my Hydra. I do not doubt the Shunyatas are good but THAT good. I have always heard the Cardas PC's were too dark and there are much better.

Another PC that is a great value is the Harmonic Tech Fantasy.
I tried Cardas Golden Power and liked Shunyata Taipan Alpha a lot better. The newer Taipan Helix Alpha is even more neutral than Taipan Alpha. Audience is my second favorite. I actually prefer Audience powerChord on cd player to a Taipan. On the amp Taipan could be better, but depends on the amp. Both the Taipan and Audience are very dynamic and open sounding without being harsh in several systems I heard, including mine.
Bottom line is you have to try it in your system.