Cardas vs. Harmonic Technology

I am looking to replace the MIT speaker cable between my Audio research VT200 and my new Magnepan 3.7 speakers. Has anyone compared the Cardas Golden Reference cables to the Harmonic Technology Pro 9s? I have the Golden Reference interconnects throughout my system and was leaning that way but have not had the opportunity to audition the HT Pro 9s. I also use an ARC Ref 3, an Einstein Turntable Choice phono section (SE), and a VPI Classic with a Benz Micro Gullwing.

Thanks in advance.
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I have Golden ref IC's throught my system and due to the length and cost I have Harmonic Tech Fantasy speaker cables. I have tried the Pro-9 and could buy a used pair at a good price but wasn't overly impressed to the point of doing so. They really didn't deliver that much better than the Fantasy's. I am hoping to re-arrange my system to
afford Golden Reference someday as I think the synergy of all Cardas will bring out the best sound. I am using an LS26 and McIntosh MC402.
I had Harmonic Tech and Tara speaker cables over the years and I have since replaced spakers for two systems with Mapleshade Golden Helix cables. They are far superior sonically. You can audition for 30 days and send back for refund if you don't agree. Bass extension and greater coherence of soundstagge, mids and higs are the broad impressions are the benefits that complelled me to keep them in both systems.
..replaced speaker cables for two systems...
I have Maggie 3.7s with HT pro 2009 se speaker cables. I use audience au24, HT magic link 2 and Cardas GR interconnects. The HT are better than Cardas GR in my system. More balanced top to bottom. I think GR is over-rated a bit albeit a great cable. My dealer has access to megabuck cables and apart from Tara labs zero and top of line synergistic research he says HT is a close second/third. I agree. It is more extended and detailed than the Cardas GR. good news is the Cardas GR and HT cables play well together. Not knocking GR just think HT is better.
I can't comment on the Cardas, however I had the HT pro 9+ and they were easily bettered by my current Crimson Musiclink.

Can't say I've compared them so this reply may be worthless but I've been using both H/T I/C's and spkr cables for over 10 years and tried various other I/C's now and then but I've always been pleased with both the Pro-9 and pro-11 spkr cables...they both have always appreciated the improvments in I/C's as I moved up through the pro-silway line until my current "all Majic 2" cables... I simply find H/T a tremendous over-achiever for the money with a wonderfully musical overall balance... Good luck..
Agree with Lissnr. I have had audiophile friends over who have 100k systems and left buying the pro 9 speaker cable.
I have had experience with both of these brands in my system and for what it is worth found Cardas to lean towards rich and warm and HT to give a brighter leaner sound.
Thanks to everyone. I ordered a pair of the HT Pro 9's yesterday. My system has enough warmth already and the Pro 9's should provide the acuity and liveliness I am looking for. I do like the Cardas GR interconnects but it seems the speaker cables need a little push in another direction.

Thanks again.