Cardas Vs. Acoustic Zen

did anyone have a chance to audition the new Acoustic Zen double barrel speaker cables Vs. cards golden reference ?
I have had the impression that the CGR are too "warm", less open and somewhat bloated in the mid bass. the acoustic zen are very open , Airy, and tend to lack warmth.
your impressions are welcome
I've auditioned many acoustic zen versus cardas cables

cardas is too rolled off
AZ has excellent tonal qualities and still vibrant detail
Mamhoon, I would not say that the Acoustic Zen speaker wire lacks warmth, it does not, it just offers what your calling warmth(liquidity/musicality) with much better details,macrodynamics, and extension then the Cardas GR.

In my system I use Absolute speaker wire with great sonic results. I have found Cardas wires to be very euphonic when I have tried them and that the Acoustic Zen wires are very musical/organic and still offer details and dynamics.
Mamhoon, I am not sure what you call warmth in the cable.

AZ cables are dynamic and open sounding. They don't roll off the high frequencies.

What are you trying to accomplish with new speaker cables?

I'm using acoustic zen's Double Barrel. Having compared it against the CGR, I can say that the CGR doensn't stand a chance, being rolled-off at the top and less transparent at the midrange. The AZDB also gives much better bass weight and speed.

Other cables tried: Dnm/Reson, Harmonic Tech Pro-11 plus biwire, VDH Inspiration
Hi, I think it all depends on the speakers on my two systems one with the Merlin vsm mm's the Cardas Golden Reference is the better match and with the Von Schweikert VR4JR's the Acoustic Zen Double Barrel was the better match.
Mamhoon, whether you choose for Cardas or Acoustic Zen, it doens't matter much: they are both excellent cables. Don't be too obsessive about that. Btw, room acoustics are much more important.

if your speakers sound shrill in your room Cardas
if everything is well balanced AZ
I agree with Colnagoc4. One cannot speak of the qualities of a cable independently of the system - electronics and speakers. Ultimately, all cables are to some extent tone controls and what works best depends on the synergy of the components and cables, and your tast in sound. Dazzdax is right, they are both good cables and will both work well in the "right" systems.

I've completely forgotten to add "in my system" to my answer, sorry. I totally agree that it all depends on the system and room acoustics.

Also very important and frequently forgotten is the interaction of apeaker cable impedance/inductance/capacitance with the output stage of the amplifier.
I've been using AZ Absolute Double Barrel Shotgun cable on speakers with
great success. Wonderful, Deep bottom end, Mid's are very clear and detailed very open on top. What you might discern as a lack of warmth is do to the extended top end openness. If I may make a suggestion and this goes out to all. A Blind test is always
the best. If you have friends who are willing to help and enjoy in a great listening experience. First ( If possible ) get all the cables you wish to demo.
You will need to cover the cables so no one involved can see who the manufacture is. You will need to have someone to change all the cables between listening.(everyone should leave the room while the cables are being changed so as to not see which cables are being setup). What this does is eliminate cable bias. So your not aware of manufacture, price ( Bragging rights i.e. "I have the most expensive cables"or these are the most expensive, so they must be the Best) Give each person a pen and paper, have them Write down their thoughts on every cable. IMO this is
the only true way to evaluate any cable. It really eliminates any Bias you my
have for or against any cable ...Manufacture or Price. Try it, It really is an Ear Opener