Cardas spkr. cables: Quad vs. Cross vs. Golden Cr

For various reasons I've decided on getting a used pair of (bi-wire) Cardas speaker cables. I'm debating between the $$$ & sound trade offs of Quad, Cross, & Golden Cross (if I really stretch for the latter). So far the best speaker cables I've owned are DH Labs T14 (what I'm using now).

Rest of my system consists of ARC VT100 MK II, VTL pre-amp, CAL CL-25, & Rega P25. My speakers: well, right now I'm alternating between my B&W M802 S3's, & my Merlin TSM-M' I'd like to get cables that would sound great with either speakers, (while I decide which to keep in my main system), if that is possible.

I have a chance to get an almost new pair of Cardas Quad at a pretty good price right now.........wondering if I should go for it, or hold out for Cross or Golden Cross.
Any advice would be appreciated!
I went from some regular 12g Vampire Wire to the Quad, and eventually upgraded to a used pair of Golden Cross. Each step was a noticable, worthwhile improvement. I'd hold out for the Golden Cross, but they are quite a bit more expensive than the others. If it means waiting years, you should probably buy the Quads. After can always sell those later.

By the way...the Golden Cross are a little warm sounding (but that doesn't mean rolled off on the highs). If you prefer a more neautral sound you should go with the Cross or Neatral Reference. The Golden Cross work great with Merlins.
For not too much more than Quad, I would hold out for Cross at least. I basically had this same type of conversation with the folks at Cardas before I got my Cross (single-wire) as an upgrade from entry-level CrossLink, and they told me to skip over Quad in this situation, as its sound would not be a big step up. This is probably what they would advise with your caliber of rig, and my results bear them out. The sound is wide open, extended, powerful, and nuetral (c-j PV-8 and MV-55, Thiel CS-2.2). Don't be surprised at first if this revealing cable seems a little "bright" in comparision to your old stuff - it only took me a half-day to apprectiate the cleaner, less veiled sound, after which switching back easily showed up the relative shortcomings of the cheaper cable.
Thanks for the advice here. I'm kicking myself a bit for letting a used set of Golden Cross slip away recently. However I spoke to someone at Cardas today: he also recommended avoiding the Quad for my system. He recommended using either Neutral Reference, Golden Ref., or Golden Cross. Said the Neutral Reference sounded 80-90% as good as Golden Ref. (for about 1/2 the cost). Will probably depend on what I can find used........
Well, another set is bound to come along soon - there is mucho Cardas listed on the A-Gon. I know that the Neutral Ref is close in price to the Cross, but I haven't compared the sound. The construction does seem rather different, though. I'm pretty satisfied, however, so I don't know that I'll muster up the curiousity to bring in a set of it to audition in my system (maybe if I ever upgrade the system enough to warrant it...) Good luck!
I have used all three. If you can, go for the GC, it is quite audibly the best. But there is a larger increment of improvement between the Cross and the Quad than the Cross and the GC.

BTW, I LOVE Cardas interconnects.
Have you guys tried the Golden Reference? How does it compare to other cables you have tried?