Cardas replacement cord for Sennheiser HD-600

I just had to mention that the new Cardas replacement cord for the Sennheiser HD-600 headphones is just terrific. It's well worth a look at around $150. Just had to mention it. Oh - Music Direct carries them ( No - I'm not affiliated with them - just a very happy customer. Best.
I saw a review up on that said the same thing. It compared the three brands out and that was their favorite. I am saving up for the HD-600 and I'm going to get one!
Thanks for the post..I have to wonder though. The 600's sell here on the 'Gon for $239 all the time, is it reasonable to spend $150 on the cord? I love my 600's but could really only see myself changing the cord if it was ~$75 max. Seems to me $150 spent on a $239 piece of gear is out of whack, sort of like spending $2000 on a power cord for a $3500 amp.
Is the Cardas cord user replacable? Or does someone need to solder it on? Thanks...
it has it own plugs, no soldering invoved, thx for the lead i was looking for that high rated cable, as far as $239 for hd600's. go by the list price of the headpones i think it like $400+ so $159 is a bargain for a quality /high rated cable. it is a shame when theres a quality headphone makers product getting whored on the net. the price for the cable, $159 is the list price, not the whored price. so yes it makes sence to spend that much imo.
Well Chichiuno, if you've got something to say, don't beat around the bush ;~). BTW, I've dealt with those folks and they were a pleasure to deal with.
"whored on the 'net". Since when does demand and supply dictating market price equate to prostitution? I sense a bricks and mortar dealer with a bad case of sour grapes is griping here.
Do ya think?
DW, I've been considering trying the Cardas out with my 600's. Could you (and anyone else who's done it) possibly post a specific description of what you heard, before and after the swap? Thanks!
Well, I hate paying the prices cable companies charge, and I agree they're horribly inflated, but the way I would view this is:

Headphones: 239
Cable: 159
Total: 398
So, the question is, can I get sommething else which sounds better to me than this combo for 400? (Ignoring the question of whether a cable is really worth more than a third of the price of the component it's connected to, which would make me see red).

Check out the review on, it was a good one!