Cardas or Wireworld for BAT system?

I have a BAT VK-52SE preamp and a BAT VK-600SE amp feeding Wilson Sophia 2's. I am considering either Cardas Golden Reference or Wireworld Silver Eclipse 6 for interconnects. Does anyone happen to have compared these interconnects in a similar system?
Hello Chessman,

I did compare both of these and ended up with the Wireworld Silver Eclipse 6.
Choice of cables will also depend on the intrinsic sonic qualities of the source as well, and the room's overall effect on the sound.

Cardas cables tend to be on the warm, laid back scale, Wireworld tends towards more neutral to a bit brighter.

I did a shoot out between Cardas and Audioquest and the Audioquest was far better.

You really need to figure out the sonic signature of the entire system and what you are trying to achieve.
The source is an Oppo BDP-83SE feeding a digital signal to a heavily modded Perpetual Technologies P-3A DAC.
You can try Cardas without to much financial loss by purchasing used!! Golden Reference always seems to sell. If you do try Cardas give it awhile to "settle in" plus it takes time to get use to the Cardas sound but the more you listen the more you realize it's all there just not in your face!!!!

I had AQ Sky with SS and it didn't work for me with my room set up, rack between the speakers!

I'm currently trying Cardas GR and I'm liking it, but I will put my Purist PP back in before I finalize my choice.

I ended up going with WireWorld Silver Eclipse 6. At 50 hours I feel that they are still burning in, but they are already a nice improvement over what I had. The sonic signature is neutral to maybe one tick cool. They are not bright. The upper end is clear without seeming tipped up. There is much greater detail coming through. Bass was flabby initially, but has gotten much tighter. I am hoping for tighter still.

Disclaimer: I also changed to Silver Eclipse 6 interconnects and Silver Electra 5^2 power cords at the same time. Thus, my comments go to the aggregate sound and not to just the speaker cables.