Cardas or Harmonic Technology

I'm pondering on whether to get Cardas Golden Reference interconnect or Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway Mk II. Since my area does not have both cables to audition, I wonder if any one has the chance to try and compare the two cables?

I have looked for used cable on Audiogon and found that the price difference between the two is hugh...may be around 2 times. Not sure if the sound improvement justify for the price tag of cardas. I heard a lot of good comments of Harmonic Tech and not sure if it is really as great as Cardas.

My current system consists of Plinius SA-250, Plinius CD-LAD. Going to upgrade my speakers to Eggleston Work Andra and CD player to Meridien 508.24.

I've done the A-B comparison between the two, and the Harmonic Technology clearly surpassed the Cardas in my system: Bat VK-200, Proceed Pre, Mark Levinson 36S, HHB 800-CDR (transport only), Harmonic Technology Pro 9 speaker cables,Spendor FL-10's, PS Audio P600, Lab cables.
You should try to audition both. It is highly system dependant. That said, I am familiar with both cables. In general ,if your system is a bit lush, the Cardas will dry it out a bit, if your system is a bit edgy, the H. Tech will
help to eliminate that edge, without sacrificing high end.
Bmpnyc, unfortunately I don't have the luxury to try out both cables where i live. But it sounds like both cables are about equal in performance and quality and the only real difference is the sonic characteristic. Does that justify for the 2-3 times higher price for Cardas?
Haven't heard the Harmonic Tech, but I do have Andras, and the Golden Reference speaker cables and interconnects go beautifully with those speakers, which need a bit of warmth as long as there is no compromise in clarity--which perfectly describes GR, as far as I'm concerned. My electronics are solid state, Pass preamplification and Classe amplification. I recently changed my system over to NBS Monitor 0 from Golden Reference, and although I'm happy with the change, certainly for anything that passes for a reasonable expenditure, the Cardas GR could have been made for the Andras.
Patrick do you know about Cable Co library,,
you can put small deposit down and check out both HT PS II and Cardas GR, deposit is applied towards purchase of any item from them, fantastic service to audiophiles!

Of course if possible buy used here, HT PS II are excellent
silver cables for the price and do not unduly emphasize treble region as many silver cables do, have not heard Cardas GR as it is way out of my price range, I have owned
Cardas Cross IC but GR I believe is too different to make comparison. Please check out Cable Co.
I have just recently been in touch with the cable co. Those boys are about to be hands-on in helping me straighten out my mess. Super nice folks, Plus buy your old I/C's.
I just sold my two pairs of Pro Silways as I went to an integrated. I did at one time use them with a Plinius. I was not overly impressed with them. I am now using Cardas Golden Reference. I find the GR to be quite a bit more focused, with better imaging and transparancy. The biggest difference I found is that the Cardas provide a quieter background in my system. I also used Wireworld Gold Eclipse with my Plinius and Cardas Neutral reference. They both worked extremely well. As for speaker cables with the Plinius, I had the most success with Wireworld Polaris. They were fast, neutral and very dynamic.
I have also compared the two cables and found the harmonic tech to have a cleaner more natural sound than the cardas. You want a cable that wont add or tkae away from your system.(unless your system is bright) if it is bright then I would go with the cardas I found them to have a warm presentation. And the harmonics did a disappearing act in my system. The cardas is good but in my system I liked the harmonic techs. I use a levinson 335 a levinson 39 and martin logan ascents and all harmonic techs. P.S. I sold all my transparent music link ultras and bought the harmonics. I hope this was of help to you.
Lev, That is the best post you have ever written. There is no shouting or threats, it is neutral, informative and written in a pleasant style. You get positive points from me for most improved poster. Please, more like this one.

My experience with Harmonic Tech is similar to Lev335's. They do a disappearing act, but not before you notice that they are equally balanced over the entire frequency range. This means that in a bright system you may notice a fuller bass, and in a warm system you might find more detail in the highs, so if you don't have the opportunity to try both in your system, you might as well go for the H.Tech's because of the savings. It is clear they are both very good cables, but like Lev335 the Harmonics won out in my system. By the way, if you listen to the Harmonic Tech "Magic" cable , you will not be satisfied until you own one. I have their Truthlink, and their new Truthlink Silver, which adds a touch of silver to the Truthlink. It is a gorgeous sound, very liquid, but I had their "magic" cable for 2 months, as I was breaking them in for a friend, and now I am looking forward to eventually having a pair of my own. They had absolutely no coloration, and yet it was not blandly neutral, but more "live" than anything I have heard yet, including some cables costing three times as much.
Thanks chstob. +2 for you also. Patrick123 if you dont have the budget for the magic cables dont even borrow them because nothing else you try for less money will perform the way they did. How could they? Theyre alot more exspensive. Good luck
I think that was a very convincing point from Lev335 about giving up all his transparent music link ultras and bought the hormonic tech. I'm going to get my Harmonic Tech soon. Thanks guys for the help.
Patrick, I own HT Truthlinks and just upgraded to the HT Pro9 biwire speaker cables. I have a Plinius 8150 integrated. My system was slightly bright with my old speaker cables (Audioquest Indigos) and the Pro9s were the perfect answer.

I suggest that you get your new digital source in place BEFORE purchasing new cables. The cables may not have the same sonic qualities with our current CD player.

I have had both in my system and I like the Cardas Golden Reference better in my system. I have a Cj Premier 16LS and a pair of Premier 8A's running a pair of Hales T8's. The HT seem to sound a bit grainy to my ears whereas the Cardas cables seem to have a more relaxed sound that really fleshed out vocals in my system. Although I will have to admit that the HT's seem to have a wider soundstage and bit more focus, but the CGR is not too shaby in this department either. I really would encourage you to try both. System synergy and personal preference will determine which cable sounds right for you.