Cardas Neutral Reference vs. Zu Cable Varial

Hi All,

My system tends to be a bit bright, and thus I got rid of my pure silver Kimber KCAG's a while ago. I used a pair of Zu Cable Varial's between the source and integrated amp. I am now going pre-power and need a second set of cables. I have always felt that the same cables between source-pre and pre-power works well. Thus my question is: should I go for another pair of Varial's or go for something like the Cardas Neutral Reference (I can get two sets at a good price now to take care of both source-pre and pre-power). Has anyone compared these two perhaps? Are there other cables in that range you may suggest?

I was using neutral reference interconnects and cardas power cords in my system (tubes) for several years but changed to varial, ash, mother, and wax cables about four years ago. I like a lot of detail and found the neutral reference to be too mild or flat for my taste, whereas the zu cables provided the detail I was looking for, and the price was right. I then added a pair of bybee quantam purifiers ahead of the speakers and have been very satisfied ever since. There are many cables that would work as well or better, (how much better is the question) but I cannot afford the trial and error process. Also, the guys at zu are great to work with.